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1. Transfer Certificate will be required upon the grant of admission along with 3 copies of passport size photographs.

2. Birth Certificate issued by Municipality, in original, will be required upon the grant of admission in case of classes Nursery, Prep & I Only.

3. The School provides transport facility but offers NO Guarantee that a seat in the school bus will be offered, when the buses are full to capacity/do not ply in the area of your residence. It will be the responsibility of the parents/guardians to drop/collect the child from the specified bus stop. Bus fee shall have to be paid for the whole year.

4. Copy of DPS Alumnus Proof.


I agree that,

1. I, fully understand, that the school, upon accepting the application of my ward, is not any way bound to grant admission, as the admission is purely based upon the availability of seats and upon qualifying the pre-admission test/interview. I also understand that the decision of the Principal regarding admission will be final and binding on me.

2. I, undertake that I will not compel the school to change or amend the existing facilities such as timings/ bus routes/fee structure and the schedule to suit our individual requirements. I also believe that the school has a child centered approach and all the policies and decision are made for the benefit of all the students studying in the school.

3. I further undertake that by admitting our child to the school, we are entering into a collaborative binding to work towards the well-being of the child. And, in case, if there is any concern that will be first shared with the school authorities, in the interest of the child.

4. In the event of my ward being selected for admission, I shall have NO objection to the School Medical Officer giving inoculation against Typhoid A, b & Cholera to my child from year to year. I further undertake to abide by the rules and regulations laid down by the school.

5. I have noted the instructions and agree to the same.

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